I'd just like to thank you, the leaders and many of the Rotary clubs for making this camp happen and making it one of the best experiences.

Over the past few days I have thought about the camp quite often. Mostly about the people I met, what all of the sessions have taught me and the enjoyment.

I've mostly thought about how it has affected me and how it has turned my life around. Ever since I have left the camp site, all that has come to me has been negativity, I've told myself numerous times to be happy and not let anything get in the way of that, and it has worked every time! Gladly this is one of the many habits I have picked up from camp.

Anyway, maybe I should explain a bit why I was on the camp and how the experience has changed me.

I have been severely bullied since I can remember, and it started to get pretty serious once I reached high school.
My family has been torn apart since the day I was born, literally.
I've been clinically depressed since I was 12 and life hasn't been an easy walk in the park.
In year 6, I experienced my sister slitting her wrist, it made me very upset. Later on, when I wasn't feeling the best, the memory haunted me. The though of doing that to myself haunted me.

By year 7, I had started to self harm, it became a habit and a way to forget about things, even if it was only for a little while.

In year 7, we had threats upon our family, saying that people would slit our throats in our sleep and tie my dog down to the train tracks, I developed insomnia, I was too scared to sleep.

2011 was a rough year. It went from hurting my self to getting death threats to gaining insomnia to getting hate almost every day to being delusional to a few suicide attempts.
Life was just horrible.

In year 8, things didn't get much better. In fact, most things just got worse.

Most of my friends turned on me and started telling me to slit my wrists and over dose or to hang myself. I felt so alone, I did't know what to do.

I'm in year 9 now, and the first 3 months of this year have been terrible. Early January I ended up in hospital due to a suicide attempt, I was also very close to attempting suicide at the start of the holiday's. Things weren't so good, until I went on Camp Awakenings.

Camp Awakenings discussed things with me that my psychologists haven't even bothered to mention. The camp has made me feel more confident towards things that I would have avoided normally, like making new friends or socialized with people I barely knew. More importantly, the camp has taught me to block all the negativity out and only breath in the positivity, which has really helped.

Evidence towards this; I have recently had a few of my good friends attempt suicide, but I haven't let it ruin how happy I have been, I mean, yes it is really sad, but I can't let it get me so down to the point were I make myself depressed.

I know that a lot of this seems very pointless to say, but it actually means so much to me. To have such an experience is just amazing. Without this camp, I'd be extremely depressed and stressed by this point, but I'm not, I'm feeling great and I haven't let anything stop me.

I'd recommend this camp to any year 9 in the future as it has just changed my view on life completely and made me a more positive person!

The camp has left me with memories I will never forget and it has left me with the most amazing people.

I honestly cannot thank you and the many Rotary clubs enough for making this camp happen and changing my life and many others as well!
It has left me speechless!