I just wanted to say thank you for making that weekend so amazing! I can assure you that it has been the most educated, humerus, crazy weekend and the best 3 days I have ever experienced :) I'm so happy in life now, I try so hard with making sure that all my friends, and family are safe and that they are feeling good about themselves and their lives.


The skills i have learnt over those 3 days I have used in my everyday life, like the 'boxing' I have made new friends by not 'boxing' people, they new friends I have made are so awesome! Mostly everything in my life is going amazing at the moment, I have started my first job i had my first shift Wednesday night and it went so well, and I'm doing well in all my subjects at school, I'm happy with life right now.Every time one of the group songs come on anywhere like the car or even in class i just start dancing, and it is upsetting when no one else dances haha but i have fun anyway :)

The camp has made me have a different outlook on life, being able to learn and use different tools in everyday life. You guys at Camp Awakening have also opened my mind up to so many different things and one of those things is to come back and be apart of Camp Awakening, i have always wanted to work with kids and youth. i love helping people in any way possible, i love being outside and being active, opening up peoples minds to new ways of the outlook on many different things, and just being around amazing people. I miss the camp so much! i wish that it went for longer! and im so excited for 26th to come back and catch up with everyone :).

Ijust wanted to thank so much for all the work and effort you put in to make this camp so amazing! it has changed my life dramatically for the better and it means so more then words can describe :) Once again thank you so much.