Camp Awakenings changed my life, I use to cry all the time and I was so scared of myself and people because I thought no one wanted me and they all just laughed. I use to be the kid that could never stop smiling and then in my teens that changed and that smile that everyone complimented me on was gone. But after my amazing camp experience that smile is back and I’m so confident and I’m happy with myself and I show it in everyday life the bond you make with the other participants and leaders are something you will never lose.


They are a awesome bunch of people you can talk to about anything and just say hi too they are so happy to talk to you. I meet my bestfriend on camp and now I don’t know what I would do with out him now. We share that weekend together and I know I will cherish it and never forget it till my last breathe. You don’t know the true magic of that camp untill you experience it for yourself.