I am the Mum to Hayley  who participated in your camp on the weekend. The presentation that you and the other leaders did was fantastic and i was only a second away from getting up and joining the kids on the dance floor. The change that i have seen in Hayley from Friday to Sunday, has been absolutely amazing. She got so much out of being a part of Camp Awakening that i wanted to share it with you and your fabulous team.


When Hayley saw me on Sunday, she came running into my arms in tears, at first i thought something was wrong but it was quite the opposite. She said “Mum, i have just had the best experience of my life”. On the car ride home, she told me all about what she did with the ropes course and she was so proud to get right to the top. The five thirty am starts and getting squirted with water, she loved it all. She also mentioned how “deep” some of the sessions were and was really glad to be a part of that.

There were things in her life that even she didn’t know she had shoved so far down in herself, but you and your leaders helped to bring them out of her. The highlight was getting her cap that she said could make her a potential leader in the future. She is very excited to do that. I think that you are all amazing people for doing what you do with these Year 9 kids and i would love to somehow help in anyway possible. Is there any sort of fundraising that you need done because i would love to get behind it and support it all the way.

Thank you for supporting my daughter and showing her a new side to herself, she has come home with alot more confidence in herself and she said she now knows how to deal with the things in her life that were getting in her way.
Thank you once again and i will look forward to helping Camp Awakening in any way that i can.